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If you are not able to upload large files to your website, this may be because of the default PHP configuration. You may encounter this error if you're trying to upload a theme or plugin to your Wordpress installation - or any other situation where you need to upload a large file.

To resolve this issue, simply head to the "MultiPHP INI Editor" in your cPanel.  


Once you open this, use the "Select a location" dropdown to select the domain belonging to the site where you experience this issue. You can leave the editor in the default Basic Mode.

This will open a list of common PHP values that you can modify.

You will want to modify two values - post_max_size and upload_max_filesize. Set them both to the same limit - something like 128M (the default will be 2M) - this should be enough to upload your file. Keep in mind, please do not type "MB" - only "M".

After the changes are done, visit the bottom of the page and select "Apply".