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Your server hostname is the address that you can use to connect to your server. For many cases, when connecting to your service remotely, you can use your server hostname interchangeably with your domain name.

Determining your server hostname

Your server hostname will probably look like this: (where XX is replaced by a set of numbers)

To determine your server hostname, you can look at the URL while you are logged into your cPanel. It is also mentioned in your welcome email.

Benefits of using your server hostname to connect

The benefits of using your server hostname instead of your own domain name for these services are:

  • If using 3rd party DNS (like Cloudflare), if your server's IP changes, the hostname will be automatically updated to reflect it while your DNS records may not be.
  • If you do not have an SSL certificate configured on your system records, you will not receive an SSL warning when connecting via your server hostname
  • If your DNS isn't set properly, using your server hostname circumvents this issue

When to use your server hostname to connect

There are a few cases where you would want to use your server hostname to initiate your connection to your service, instead of your domain name:

  • As the SMTP, IMAP, or POP server for your e-mail client
  • For FTP connections
  • For some DNS records, such as MX records
  • For remote MySQL
  • For your cPanel login URL
  • For your webmail login URL

It's okay to use your domain to connect in all of these cases - but we usually recommend using the server hostname to eliminate any possible problems that could occur.

Identifying your server's IP address

As of November 2018:

  • server us-west04 has an IP address of
  • server us-west05 has an IP address of
  • server us-west06 has an IP address of
  • server us-west07 has an IP address of

Please note you can also find your server's IP address by opening your computer's command prompt and typing "ping serverhostname" where "serverhostname" is replaced by your server's hostname.