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Web Hosting

As of November 2018, we're beta testing NodeJS on web hosting servers. Please note that at this time we can not provide support for any NodeJS related issues, however we would appreciate you bringing them to our attention if you believe you've found an issue caused by our platform.

The following versions of NodeJS are available:

  • NodeJS 6.14.3 (/opt/alt/alt-nodejs6)
  • NodeJS 8.11.3 (/opt/alt/alt-nodejs8)
  • NodeJS 9.11.2 (/opt/alt/alt-nodejs9)

Deploying NodeJS on your Web Hosting

To begin deploying your NodeJS application, visit the "Setup Node.js App" section of your cPanel.




Next, click the "Create Application" button and fill out our application details in a way similar to this:




Allow a few minutes for the project to build, and then after visiting your website you will be prompted with a friendly screen confirming your application works: