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Backup Pricing

Nightly backups are available for $2/mo or $15/yr. A single nightly backup order will cover a single cPanel account. Backups can be ordered at the following URL:

Once you've ordered your backups, please be sure to reach out to our provisioning department in order to have the backups enabled. You can contact the provisioning department at this URL:

About Backups

Backups can be enabled on any **cPanel Web Hosting account**. Here are some quick facts about our new backup system (Note: JetBackup is not yet available on DirectAdmin)

  • Backups do not have any storage space restrictions, and as such your entire cPanel account will be backed up.
  • Your account is backed up automatically every night. Each backup is retained for 14 days, therefore you will have two weeks of backups available to you.
  • If you do not have backups enabled, or choose to cancel your backup service, your account will not be backed up and previous backup data will be erased.
  • File backups are taken incrementally. This means that after the first full backup, only data that is changed will be backed up after that. 
  • You may download your backups at any time via your cPanel
  • You can automatically restore individual files any time via your cPanel. You will have a file manager interface to allow you to easily pick which file(s) to restore.
  • Your entire cPanel account is backed up. This includes all files and folders, any custom configurations, databases, emails, cron jobs, DNS zones, and SSL certificates.
  • The backup process does not run in your account's container. This means that unlike Wordpress or any other backup utilities, your website will not experience performance degradation while the backups are running or restoring.
  • Backups are transferred via an internal private network to a separate server. This backup server uses ZFS with a RAID10, which means that it can withstand one drive failing (and sometimes two drives failing at the same time) without any data loss.

Enabling Backups

In order to enable backups, please place an order here:

Once your order is paid for, please reach out to our provisioning department at

Using Backups

Backups are taken every 24 hours. Therefore, after placing an order you will need to wait until the next day before you will have backups available to manage. Once your account has started to accumulate backups, you can manage them via the JetBackup pages in your cPanel.




Here is what a list of generated backups will look like from the main overview:




JetBackup allows you to one-click restore any individual file from your backups. For example, if we wished to restore the .htaccess file you could select such from your backup file structure and click "Restore Selected".