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After registering or transferring your domain to us, an e-mail will be usually be sent to the registrant e-mail address containing a verification link that must be followed in order to verify that you own the domain. If this link is not followed after 10 days, a suspension will be placed on the domain by the domain registrar.

To resolve this, you should follow the verification link that was sent to the registrant e-mail address. The registrant e-mail address is usually the e-mail you signed up to our services with, but if you want to double check you can use a WHOIS tool to look up your domain.

If you haven't received the email, you should contact our support team and request that the e-mail be resent.

One thing to note is that if the registrant e-mail address is on the same domain that has been suspended, you may not be able to receive any new emails. For example, if your domain is and your registrant email address is [email protected], you will not be able to receive a new confirmation email because the domain (and therefore, email) is suspended. To resolve this, you should contact us and let us know a new email we can update the domain on file for. Additionally, if you have previously created the e-mail address in your cPanel, you can visit it via your webmail in your cPanel to check if the email with the verification link is showing up there.

Once the verification link has been followed, the domain will be unsuspended shortly after. It rarely takes 48 hours for the domain to be unsuspended - it's usually quicker than 30 minutes.