Changing PHP version

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To change your PHP version, you should first log in to your cPanel. Then, you should click the "MultiPHP Manager" button under the Software header.   tbrMrqM.png  

Next, you should click the checkboxes for the domains you wish to update the PHP version for. Then, select a different version from the "PHP Version" dropdown menu towards the right of your screen.

  • ea-php56 = PHP 5.6
  • ea-php70 = PHP 7.0
  • ea-php71 = PHP 7.1
  • ea-php72 = PHP 7.2

Once you select your version, click the "Apply" button. 

You may need to wait a few minutes for the changes take effect. If you've made any custom configuration modifications with your MultiPHP INI Editor feature, you should double check that these changes are still active and if not then re-apply them.

Note: If you have options titled "alt-php*", you should not select those options. You should only select the options beginning in "ea-".