What are the nameservers?

To get your domain working on Arch Hosting's servers, you'll have to point your domain's nameservers to ours. This allows you to use your own domain (from a third party registrar) while also using our DNS management and website hosting.

Our nameservers are mentioned in an email you will receive upon ordering titled "Your website has been set up!". If you do not have this e-mail anymore, contact support and we can re-send it for you.

If you add any addon or parked domains, these will also need to be pointed towards our hosting.

Changing your domain's name servers to ours is completely dependant on your domain registrar's control panel. Below are links on changing your domain's name servers, according to your domain registrar.

Namecheap - How can I change the nameservers for my domain?

GoDaddy - Change nameservers for your domain name

Network Solutions - Move DNS to a new server

If you need additional support with pointing your domain's nameservers to Arch, you can open a support ticket and we'll help you out.
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