What is covered by your support?

What type of support am I entitled to?

Our standard policy across all services is that "if we break it, we'll fix it." If there's an issue on your service that was reasonably caused by us, our server, or our configuration then we will fix it. We do not sell or price our products as managed hosting plans, and we ask that you keep that in mind when creating a support ticket. That said, we are always available to give advice or point you in the right direction when you have a question or issue with your hosting. 

What is NOT covered by our support:

Some things that are considered out of our support scope, meaning that we can not or will not provide support for, include:

- Issues caused by 3rd party software or scripts that you are running on your service
- Website Migrations (this can be covered under Advanced Support)
- Issues with Wordpress themes or plugins (contact the developer - they know their software better than we do!)
- Python or Perl related inquiries
- Composer related inquiries

Advanced Support 

Keep in mind, if something is outside of our standard support scope we may still be able to assist you under our Advanced Support program. You can learn more about that here: 

  • support scope
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