Not receiving emails

If you aren't receiving any emails, you should check the following items:

Have you created the e-mail account in your cPanel? Visit your cPanel, and go to the "Email Accounts" page. Make sure that you have an account created for the address you're trying to receive mail for.

Is it possible that you are receiving e-mail, but your mail client isn't configured properly? A good way to check this is by visiting your email account via webmail, and checking to see if the e-mails are being delivered there. To do this, visit the "Email Accounts" section in your cPanel, and click the "More" dropdown button for the address you want to view. Then, click "Access Webmail". 

Then, select an email client (we recommend Roundcube) - this will redirect you to a webmail client. Are the emails now showing in this inbox? If so, you should double check your mail client configuration.

Are your nameservers/DNS set up accordingly? You should double check that your nameservers are properly pointed to our hosting. If the nameservers are not pointed to our hosting, then you will usually not be able to receive mail. You can check out this guide for more information on setting your nameservers. 

If you're not using our nameservers, and you do not wish to use our nameservers, then you should ensure that you have created MX records to direct mail to our servers. You should create an MX record and point it to your server hostname. You can find your server hostname in your welcome email, or by checking the URL when you're logged in to your cPanel. It will usually look something like this: 

For example, with Cloudflare you would want to add an MX record similar to the picture below. Be sure to replace "XX" with the actual numbers that your server is assigned.

If your MX records are set up, also check that you don't have other MX records with a higher priority. You should ensure that the Arch Hosting MX records have the highest priority. The lower the number, the higher the priority - therefore an MX record with a priority of 1 will receive mail over an MX record with a priority of 10.

Visit the "Email Routing" section of your cPanel, and make sure that you have "Local Mail Exchanger" set up as the option under the "Configure Email Routing". You should only have this set as Backup or Remote if you know what you're doing - most of the time you will wnat it as a Local Mail Exchanger. 

Still aren't sure? Try visiting the "Track Delivery" section of your cPanel, and then click the "Show All" button at the top of the page. This will give you a list of some sent and received email, and under the "Result" column it should include a short description of what the issue could be.
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