Why can't I upload files to my website (Wordpress themes, etc.)

If you are not able to upload large files to your website, this may be because of the default PHP configuration. You may encounter this error if you're trying to upload a theme or plugin to your Wordpress installation - or any other situation where you need to upload a large file.

To resolve this issue, simply head to the "MultiPHP INI Editor" in your cPanel.

Once you open this, use the "Select a location" dropdown to select the domain belonging to the site where you experience this issue. You can leave the editor in the default Basic Mode.

This will open a list of common PHP directives to modify. Proceed with caution - incorrect inputs here can break your website! 

You will want to modify two values - post_max_size and upload_max_filesize. Set them both to the same limit - something like 128M (the default will be 2M) - this should be enough to upload your file. Keep in mind, please do not type "MB" - only "M".

After the changes are done, visit the bottom of the page and select "Apply".

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