Will you suspend my account if I use too many resources?

It's a popular controversy in the hosting industry - many individuals believe that web hosting companies will be quick to suspend your account the moment you start using more than average CPU usage. This may be true for many hosting companies, however at Arch Hosting we're dedicated to providing a satisfactory experience and can understand that random suspensions for suspicious reasons would definitely not make for good business.

Like many hosting companies, we use a technology called Cloudlinux that performs psuedo-virtualization on each hosting account. This allows us to assign dedicated resources and isolate hosting accounts - they are all given separate CPU usage that the website owner (you!) is able to view and monitor usage via your cPanel. You will be able to very clearly identify your account limits in terms of entry processes, CPU usage, memory, etc. and also which scripts are contributing towards resource usage.

If we see an account that is using insane amounts of resource usage, to the point where it can threaten other user's performance, then we will step in and take action. CPU is provided with a "fair usage" policy, and we will automatically assume good faith on the client's part if we see excessive CPU usage. We've heard a popular story many of times - your website becomes immensely popular (front page of Reddit?!) and your resource usage suddenly spikes up tremendously. After that, the customer has to deal with a nightmare from their hosting company - overage fees and in some cases the hosting company will lock you out of your account until invoices are paid. This will never be the case with Arch Hosting. With exceptions for individuals who use our services for illegal activity, we will never hold your data hostage and will always provide a full backup of your account upon request. If we see excessive resource usage, we will work with you to identify the issue and work with you to identify the best solution. Again - we assume good faith, and we would never throw out random suspension or insane bills as punishment for your website becoming popular/using resources.
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