How do I transfer a domain to Arch Hosting?

A domain transfer to Arch Hosting can be simple, easy, and be started and finished within 48 hours. However, there are some steps you will need to take to ensure that the transfer goes smoothly and as quick as possible.
- Disable WHOIS privacy for your domain. You may re-enable it once the transfer has completed.
- Turn off your domain/registrar lock, if you have it enabled. Again, this may be re-enabeld once the transfer has completed.
- Ensure that you have access to both the current registrant email and the new registrant email. The new registrant email will most likely be the one on your Arch Hosting accuont. The current registrant email can be identified by using a tool like and performing a search for your domain.

Some TLDs are not supported, so make sure we offer the TLD you are transferring by visiting our domain search page at 

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