How do I add extra domains to my hosting plan?

If your hosting plans supports addon domains, you can add multiple domains to the same web hosting package. This will allow you to host multiple websites on the same account, without needing to buy an additional package.

- The Startup plan allows a single hosted domain, meaning you won't be able to add any addon domains. You can place an upgrade to the Business plan or higher through your client area.
- The Business plan allows four hosted domains, meaning you can add up to three addon domains. 
- The Enterprise plan allows for eleven hosted domains, meaning you can add up to ten addon domains.

First, you will want to acquire the domain you wish to add. You can register a domain through us, or use another domain from another domain registration company. If you wish to purchase a domain from us, you can place an order here. When ordering a domain from us, if you intend to add it as an Addon Domain, you should not order hosting with the domain. When ordering a domain from us, be sure to also check your nameservers - more on that is mentioned below.

To begin, you should first visit the "Addon Domains" section of your cPanel to add the new domain. If you aren't sure how to access your cPanel, please check out this guide

Once you are in the Addon Domains page, you should enter the domain you wish to add under the "New Domain Name" field. You should not include "www" or "http" - only include the domain name. Once you have entered your domain, you can click "Add Domain" to create the domain name. The "Subdomain" and "Document Root" fields will automatically be filled out.

Once your addon domain has been created, you can return the same Addon Domains page to view the domain's configuration. The "Document Root" field will show which folder the domain lives in. For example, the default configuration is that a folder will be created with the same name as your domain. In our example, we created a domain named "", so all files for this domain should be added to the folder "/"

In your cPanel's File Manager, or FTP, you will see the new folder as such:

Next, you should update the nameservers for your domain. Please check out this article for information on how to do this.

After the domain is added as an Addon Domain, and you have updated your nameservers, the domain is ready to use. You can manage it in the same cPanel as your primary domain. For example, if you want to create a new e-mail account with your new addon domain you can select the domain from the creating e-mail accounts dropdown.

If you wish to install a software, like Wordpress, onto your new domain you can do this easily through Softaculous. Visit the "Softaculous Apps Installer" section in your cPanel, select the app you want, and then click "Install". Then, on the "Choose Domain" section (for Wordpress), select your newly created Addon Domain:

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