How do I get free SSL? What is your free SSL?

To use our free SSL, you will need to run AutoSSL on your hosting account. This script will automatically complete all of the verification and signing necessary to get your SSL set up.

To run AutoSSL, navigate to your cPanel and click on the "SSL/TLS Status" option. Please note, you should use "SSL/TLS Status" - not "SSL/TLS".

Once you are on the SSL/TLS status page, you should click the "Run AutoSSL" button. You should also review any of the domains listed - if there is an error, you should take steps to address them. If you have fixed an error, you should use the "Include in AutoSSL" button and then run AutoSSL again.

A few things to keep in mind:
- Your domain must point to our hosting, either through nameservers or DNS records, for AutoSSL to work. If your domain is not yet pointed to our hosting, AutoSSL will error.
- Some redirects (through Cloudflare, or .htaccess) may interfere with AutoSSL. If this is the case, you should take action to ensure they are not intercepting traffic to the /.well_known/ folder - which is created when AutoSSL is ran.
- AutoSSL may not sign some system records or subdomains - such as "autodiscover", "webmail", "cpanel", etc. This is 100% okay, and you can safely exclude these from your AutoSSL. AutoSSL will only sign records which point to your hosting account and your web space. 

What is our free SSL?
  • Improve your site security, improve your SEO, and reassure visitors with your security! (https:// in the address bar)
  • Certificate will be signed through Comodo or Let's Encrypt, whichever is available.
  • Certificate will be valid for the length of your hosting with us
  • You will never be charged for a certificate.
  • Wildcard & EV SSL certificates are not available.
Additionally, every night we will automatically sign SSL certificates for every domain on your account as long as they pass the validation mentioned aboved. If you bring your own certificate and it expires or is revoked, it will also automatically be replaced with a valid and signed SSL from us. If you want us to disable this feature for your account, create a ticket. Custom, valid SSL certificates will never be replaced or resigned.

Keep in mind, this will only apply SSL if you visit your website directly with "https://" in the address bar. If you want to force SSL, and have it on by default, you will need to enable SSL redirection. You can read on how to do that on this article.
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