How do I change my hosting account's main domain?

If you want to change your account's primary/main domain, you should first log in to your client area at

Once logged in, you should click "Services -> My Services" on the navigation bar. 

You should then click on the Web Hosting service that you wish to change the domain for. 

You should then click the "Change Primary Domain" option on the bottom of the left sidebar.

Next, enter and confirm your new domain. Please read the instructions and important notifications on the page.

Click "Submit" to execute the changes. 

Once your domain is updated, you should be sure to update the nameservers for the new domain. We have a relevant article for that here: 

If you encounter an error, please check that you haven't already added your new domain as an Addon Domain or Alias. If you have, then please remove them before attempting to use this tool. Please also ensure you have entered a valid domain.

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