I paid for my order but haven't received it yet

If you've paid for your order, but haven't had it set up yet there could be a few reasons why:

Bitcoin orders must confirm several times on the blockchain before your order is activated. This can take 15-30 minutes.

Credit/Debit Card orders must pass additional fraud checks. These are completed automatically, and can take anywhere from a minute (usually) to an hour (rare cases).

Your invoice may not be marked paid instantly upon payment if using either of these two payment methods. As long as you've received a payment confirmation email, you can be sure that the invoice will be updated and your order activated. PayPal orders are typically activated within 60 seconds.

Domain name orders, which include you paying us to register a domain for you, are manually activated and can take up to 12 hours for setup.

My payment has confirmed I still haven't received any setup details!

Check your spam or junk folder! 

If you've waited long enough for your order to activate and you've checked your spam/junk folder, then feel free to open a ticket asking for assistance.
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