How do I access my website backups?

All Web Hosting accounts are automatically backed up every other day (Sun, Tue, Thu, Sat) and are kept for two backup cycles. Suspended accounts are not backed up.

Account backups are stored on an off-site Arch Hosting dedicated server that is securely monitored and locked down to prevent unauthorized access. Therefore, if you require access to your backups you will need to create a support ticket to have a Tier II technician retrieve them for you. We can provide backups either in the form of a cPanel generated .tar.gz, or by restoring them to an active hosting account.

If you would prefer that we do not take backups of your account due to privacy reasons, please create a ticket and we will disable them for your hosting package.

Note: We do not guarantee the availability of backups. We can not stress enough the importance of keeping your own off-site backups, and our backups are offered solely as a courtesy - not a guarantee.
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