us-west07 cPanel Migration Log

At 9:30 PM PDT August 10, we began the transfer of cPanel accounts on server us-west07 to server us-west06.

Please ensure that your nameservers for all domains are set to the following:


If you are using Cloudflare, your new server IP address that you should update your DNS records towards is

The new server hostname is

The new server cPanel login URL is

The new server IPv6 address is 2607:fcd0:106:5c01:c000::2

The migration is currently underway, and we will post updates here as they are made available.

4:53 AM We're a little over halfway through with transferring accounts.

7:50 AM The migration has completed. All accounts have been brought online on us-west06. Dedicated IP addresses will be re-enabled this evening.