Unable to connect to FTP

If you're unable to connect to FTP, you should check the following items.

Check your hostname

Please try using your server hostname as the connecting hostname, instead of using your own domain name.

Check your protocol

If your FTP client gives you a choice between protocols, try using both FTP or FTPS. You should not use SFTP unless you have enabled SSH access.



Check your SSL settings (encryption)

Try connecting with each possible option, to see if you can find an option that allows you to successfully connect.


Transfer Modes

Try connecting as passive, and if that fails, try connecting as active.


Check your FTP client

Try using a different FTP client, and seeing if the issue is persisting. If you're not using Filezilla, we would recommend downloading that client (for Windows PCs).

Check your usernames & passwords

You can usually use the same username and password that you login to your cPanel with FTP. Alternatively, you can generate an FTP account via the FTP accounts section of your cPanel. Please note that if attempting to log in with an account generated via your cPanel, you should make sure that you're copying the username properly. A user-generated FTP account will have the "@yourdomain.com" extension on the username - similar to an e-mail address. You should include this part in your FTP client's username box when configuring your connection.