Moving WordPress folders

Note: This guide may not work with Wordpress multisite installations. 

If you install Wordpress via the default settings in Softaculous, you might find that your Wordpress installation was installed into a folder - such as /wp. This would result in your Wordpress installation being accessible at instead of

An example of this would be if you visit your website and see this:


To fix this, you will need to move your Wordpress contents and also update your Wordpress configuration.

To begin, you should log in to your Wordpress admin area. You can access this by visiting the "wp-admin" folder in your Wordpress directory, with the login credentials you selected upon Wordpress installation. For example, it might be in

Once inside your Wordpress admin area, you should click on the "Settings" tab on the left sidebar menu and then click the "General" option underneath.


Once inside the Settings -> General menu, you will need to modify two values: the "WordPress Address (URL)" value and the "Site Address (URL)" value. You should modify these values to remove the "/wp" ending from your website address.

For example, these two boxes would have previously said "" - after modifying them they should look like this: 


Once you have completed your changes, scroll down and click the "Save Changes" button.

Note: Once you make these changes, this will break your website! That is okay - we will fix this in the coming steps.

After making these changes, you will probably see a "404 Not Found" error - like the one below. That's okay.


The next step is to log back in to your cPanel and visit the File Manager, as shown below.


Once you are in your file manager, you should visit the folder that contains your website. This will usually be the "public_html" folder if you are doing this on your primary domain. If you are performing this work for an Addon Domain or Subdomain, you should then instead visit the folder where that domain lives.

Once you are inside your domain's folder, you should see something that looks like the following image.


One important thing you must do now is enable viewing hidden files in your File Manager. To do this, click the "Settings" button at the uppermost top right corner of your screen, and check the "Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)" checkbox. Then, click the Save button.

Next, you should double click the "wp" folder to enter this folder. You should then click the "Select All" button to select every file and folder in your Wordpress folder. While all of these items are selected, then click the "Move" button. This will then ask you to enter a new file path. You should then remove "/wp" from the file path. For example, if you are performing this work from the public_html folder then your current file path will be "/public_html/wp". You should change this to say only "/public_html" - as shown in the picture below.


After you have entered the correct path, click the "Move File(s)" button to execute these changes. 

That's it! You are done! 

If you want to be tidy, you can click the "Up One Level" button, select the "wp" folder and click delete - as it is now an empty folder that is not needed. (Make sure you don't accidentally delete wp-admin, wp-content, or wp-includes)

You can now visit your website by directly going to the URL, without needing the "/wp" in the URL.