Email is being marked as spam

If you are sending e-mail and it's being marked as spam, there's a few things you can do to resolve this:  

Newly registered domains

If you've recently registered your domain, it can take some time for your domain to build up a reputation as a legitimate e-mail sender.

SPF Record

If you're using 3rd party nameservers, you should double check that you've created an SPF record. You can find the correct SPF record contents via the "Authentication" section in your cPanel.

Are the e-mails legitimate?

If you send a blank e-mail, an e-mail with no subject, an e-mail with a lot of spam-like keywords, then they may be triggering spam blocks and result in being marked as spam.

Are you sending high volumes of mail?

If you send a large amount of mail in a short period of time, your mail may trigger spam blocks until the volume reduces to normal levels.

Are you following email best practice?

You should only send mail to individuals who have signed up for your mails or opted into them. You should include an unsubscribe link in your emails, and have a clear process for unsubscribing from your mails. 

Obtain a dedicated IP address

If the issues persist, we would recommend obtaining a dedicated IP address. This ensures that your mail is sent from an IP that only you have access for, which will greatly reduce the likelihood of your mails being marked as spam. We offer dedicated IP addresses for $2/mo, and you can obtain one by placing an order via your client area.