Blocked in the firewall

If you are unable to access both your website and your cPanel, it's likely that you were accidentally blocked in the firewall. If you'd like to confirm this, you can try accessing your website from an alternative IP address and checking if it loads. The easiest way to do this is to visit your website via your mobile phone while it's connected to cellular data, and not while it's connected to your home wifi network. If the website loads on your phone, then it's likely that your home IP address was blocked.

To fix this, please open a support ticket via the link below and include your IP address. To find your IP address, please visit this website while you are connected to the same network that is blocked.

You can submit a firewall unblock request here:

Why was I blocked?

Our firewall automatically monitors all services on our network, and if it detects too many failed login attempts in a short period of time then it will automatically trigger a block on the IP address attempting to log in. This firewall monitors e-mail, cPanel web logins, FTP, and SSH. This is extremely important to protect your account from brute force attacks and hackers. When a block is in place, your website is still online and live - only traffic from the blocked IP address will be rejected.  

You will only be blocked in the firewall if you incorrectly log in too many times. You should double check that you're using the correct login credentials when logging into any part of our network. For example, if you've set up your e-mail account to be used with a mail client, you should double check that you've entered the correct username and password. Many times mail clients will repeatedly try to login in the background which could cause these blocks to keep reoccurring. 

It's extremely inconvenient, and it generates a huge amount of tickets -- but it's a necessary evil. We value security above all else, and must maintain a strict firewall to protect user accounts from any possible outside threats.