Understanding folder & domain structure

The folder & domain structure that Direct Admin uses is a little different than cPanel. Unlike cPanel, you can not manually specify where you'd like your domains to live - they all have a set structure. 

- All domains will have a folder inside the "/domains" folder. This domains folder can be found in the uppermost root of your web storage.

- Inside the "/domains" folder, there will be one folder named after each domain you have. Inside the domain's folder, there will be a public_html folder where you website files should go.

For example, if you have a primary domain named "" and an addon domain named "", they will be stored in these folders respectively:

  • /domains/
  • /domains/

If you create a subdomain, it will appear in a folder inside the main domain's folder. For example, if you created a subdomain named "billing" on the domain "", it would live in this folder:

  • /domains/


You may notice a "private_html" folder. This is a symlink (a shortcut) that points to public_html by default. If you disable this symlink behavior in your Direct Admin settings, then https traffic will be sent to private_html and http traffic will be sent to public_html. We do not recommend disabling this.

Your primary domain is also accessible directly from the "/public_html" folder in your document root.  This is also a symlink to the /domains/primarydomain/public_html folder, and as such it may not show up in FTP.

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