us-west07 Migration Log

Click here to review our Direct Admin Troubleshooting article, which contains solutions to issues you may encounter.

The DirectAdmin migration for clients on the us-west07 cPanel server is scheduled for Saturday August 3, 2019 and will begin at 9:30 PM PDT.
We will be posting live updates, issues, advice, and information on this wiki page as the maintenance progresses.

The new nameservers for our Direct Admin server are:

The server IP address is However, for ultimate smoothness if you're using Cloudflare or any other 3rd party DNS provider we would recommend temporarily switching over to our nameservers for the duration of the migration, and then switching back once everything has settled.

The server IPv6 address is 2607:fcd0:106:5c01::5. The server hostname is

The server control panel login URL will be 

'''9:33 PM''' The migration has begun. We've begun the process of taking backups of user accounts and then placing suspensions on the accounts to ensure data is not left out of sync. Once all accounts have been backed up, we'll transfer them over to Direct Admin and begin the import process.

'''11:28 PM''' The migration is underway. We're seeing the backup process take an excruciatingly long time due to the degraded performance of the host server and expect at least 8 additional hours until it is completed. Luckily, the restoration process will be much quicker due to the improved hardware on the Direct Admin node and we expect that to take less than an hour.

'''2:29 AM''' The account backup process has completed, and we've begun transferring them to the Direct Admin server. Once the transfer completes, we will begin account restoration. This would be a good time to update your nameservers to:

'''3:09 AM''' The backup transfer has completed successfully and we've begun the process of importing of accounts into Direct Admin.

'''4:35 AM''' There was an error during the restore process, and we've needed to restart it. We expect this to complete in roughly 45 minutes. We will compile a list of known issues at the bottom of this wiki page.

'''6:18 AM''' The restoration process has completed.