us-west06 Migration Log

Click here to review our Direct Admin Troubleshooting article, which contains solutions to issues you may encounter.

The DirectAdmin migration for clients on the us-west06 cPanel server is scheduled for Saturday August 10, 2019 and will begin at 5:30 PM PDT.
We will be posting live updates, issues, advice, and information on this wiki page as the maintenance progresses.

The new nameservers for our Direct Admin server are:

The server IP address is

The server IPv6 address is 2607:fcd0:106:5c01::5. The server hostname is

The server control panel login URL will be 

Migration Log

All timezones are in PDT unless otherwise stated.

9:33 PM The account backup process has nearly completed. As soon as this completes, we'll begin transferring the backups over to the Direct Admin migration. We'll update you again once the backup process has completed.

11:32 PM The backup process is nearing the end, and we'll begin the transfer to us-west08 as soon as it completes.

12:05 AM The backup process has completed, and we've begun transferring the backups to west08. This would be a good time to update your nameservers to and

12:28 AM The transfer has completed, and we're beginning the process of importing accounts one-by-one into Direct Admin. 

2:40 AM The import process is a bit over halfway completed.

4:28 AM The import has completed, and you should be able to login to your account now. It looks like the IPv6 address didn't get updated in the DNS zone files, so it may still be pointing to the old IP address and not the new one. We're working on a script to update this now.

4:46 AM We've pushed an update to zone files that should resolve the issue - currently monitoring 

4:51 AM Initial reports look like that issue is solved, but will revisit after allowing some time for propagation. We're now investigating Softaculous & Sitepad issues.

6:03 AM Softaculous & Sitepad are now running and activated. Please do let us know (you can shoot us an email to [email protected] if you don't require a response) if there's any issues with it so we can investigate accordingly.

6:05 AM We're running the SSL signing process for all accounts, however for anyone who hasn't updated their DNS this will fail and you'll need to manually run the process (via your control panel) if you're getting SSL errors.

We've also temporarily allowed password resets directly from the control panel login, because this functionality isn't in our billing system yet. Please note this will go to whatever email was associated with your cPanel account, which may not be your current/most up to date email that we have saved in our billing system.

4:38 PM We've fixed an issue with the IPv6 configuration that could've caused websites to display "Invalid request" when connecting over IPv6.

5:34 PM We've fixed an issue that prevented Roundcube access, and may have also prevented email client access

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