us-west04 & us-west05 Migration Log

Please review our troubleshooting guide here to ensure a smooth migration experience.

The DirectAdmin migration for clients on the us-west04 and us-west05 cPanel servers is scheduled for Saturday August 24, 2019 and will begin at 4:30 PM PDT.

We will be posting live updates, issues, advice, and information on this wiki page as the maintenance progresses.

The new nameservers for our Direct Admin server are mentioned below. Please update your domain to these nameservers.

The server IP address is Cloudflare users will need to update their records to point to this IP after the migration has completed.

The server IPv6 address is 2607:fcd0:106:5c01::5. The server hostname is

The server control panel login URL will be 

You can now also access your control panel via your billing area, just like cPanel.

The migration has completed.

September 11, 2019

The following to-be-enabled features were enabled tonight:

- SpamAssassin

- One-click login to Roundcube via Direct Admin

- Dedicated IPs


- Black Friday Upgrades

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