Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, what does this mean for me?
Direct Admin is a different hosting control panel. We currently use cPanel. If you opt-in to use Direct Admin, your account will be migrated to a server using the Direct Admin control panel. Your website (WordPress, etc.) will likely be unaffected. You shouldn't expect any changes, or the need to do anything, on your website. It will continue working the way it did. The primary difference will be that the look and layout of your backend hosting control panel will look different.

Is WordPress supported on Direct Admin?
Yes. Direct Admin still supports PHP, MySQL, and everything else need for WordPress. You likely won't see any difference with your actual website - the changes will primarily be in relation to the layout/overview of your new control panel.

What is Direct Admin?
Direct Admin is a hosting control panel. Just like cPanel, which is what we currently use, it provides you an interface to manage your website by uploading files, creating email accounts, creating MySQL accounts, etc. 

Is Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, OpenCart, Magento, etc. supported on Direct Admin?
Yes. These are all PHP softwares, which are still supported on Direct Admin.

Are addon domains, subdomains, emails, FTP accounts supported on Direct Admin?

Will there be performance changes on Direct Admin?

Can I try out Direct Admin?
You can check out a demo of their control panel here: 

Check out the "Users" demo.

Can I switch back to cPanel if I don't like Direct Admin?
Yes, however this feature may not be immediately available.

Can I switch to Direct Admin later, if I choose to stay on cPanel now?
We're unsure right now, but we will definitely explore the possibility and logistics of supporting this in the future. For now, we'd recommend migrating to Direct Admin if you think you'd like to use it.

Technical Features (SSH, Git, Node, etc.)
We offer some more technical features, such as SSH, Git, Node, Python, Ruby. We can not guarantee the availability of these on Direct Admin. For instance, we know that Ruby is not something that we can offer on Direct Admin. We will try our best to get the other items enabled on the Direct Admin server - it will depend entirely on whether Direct Admin currently supports it.
Direct Admin is gaining a lot more traffic from other companies as a result of this change by cPanel, and we can expect to see them add development resources into adding features that they currently do not have that cPanel does have.

We love Softaculous, and even use some of their other products for our VPS control panel. As such, you can expect to see full Softaculous support on Direct Admin.

Will my website change?
Our goal is to ensure 100% compatibility during the switch from cPanel to Direct Admin. While there are always some edge cases, for the most part we're hoping that you won't need to make any changes to your actual website itself. The only differences will be contained to the change of backend control panel.

Why did you choose Direct Admin?
The industry seems to be eyeballing Direct Admin as the new replacement. Thousands of other hosting companies are in the same situation as we are. Until now, cPanel has been by far the industry leader in control panels and they have a strong hold on the market. We need that kind of support and reliability, and it's looking like Direct Admin will be the new replacement. Since cPanel has announced their changes, Direct Admin has been receptive to questions and has even released tools to help us providers with migrations from cPanels.

cPanel's biggest alternative, Plesk, is still owned by Oakley Capital (the same company that also owns cPanel). To ensure that these price hikes don't occur again in the future, we needed to select a control panel not owned and operated by Oakley Capital. We've seen Direct Admin to have the most polish, reliability, and biggest feature set compared to other control panels.

Will this change affect my account's billing status in any way?
If you choose to switch to Direct Admin, your account's billing status will not change.

Two-Factor Authentication
It looks like Direct Admin supports multifactor authentication, and as such we'll be aiming to implement this.

What user privilege level will we have on Direct Admin?
Your account will have the "User" privilege

AutoSSL/Let's Encrypt/Free SSL
It looks like Direct Admin supports this, and as such we will continue to offer free SSL on Direct Admin servers.

How will the migration work? Downtime? Dates?
We don't have these details yet - we're still working them out ourselves. As always, we will aim to keep the inconvenience to a minimum. You'll likely need to update your nameservers to a new set. If you opt-in to the migration, you'll receive another email in the coming weeks detailing what's happening and what action will be required. There will be downtime, but we can't estimate for how long yet. We'll give ETAs and other information in our additional email. The migration will likely be scheduled at off-hours (overnight) on a weekend night.

How do I opt-in to stay on cPanel?
Any account that isn't opted in to the Direct Admin migration will automatically remain on a cPanel server.

Can I pre-pay the cPanel fee annually, etc.?
Yes. We'll have instructions available for this before the fee kicks in.

Backup support?
Direct Admin currently doesn't support JetBackup, which is what we use to manage backups. However, it looks like they're working on adding this functionality very soon. We're investigating alternatives to use in the meantime.

Will I need to re-setup my FTP, email, subdomain, databases, etc. accounts? Will I need to manually migrate my account?
No. We'll take care of automatically migrating your account to the best of our abilities.

Will my WordPress themes or plugins break?
No. This includes premium themes or plugins. This will not change them at all.

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