• Tuesday, September 18, 2018
We will periodically run scans to automatically install Litespeed Cache onto all Wordpress websites. LS Cache is a Wordpress caching plugin that will extremely improve your Wordpress website's performance, as well as reduce your Wordpress website's resource usage.

If you already have a Wordpress caching plugin installed, LS Cache will not be automatically installed onto your website. If this is the case, we would recommend that you switch to LS Cache over your existing caching plugin. This is because we run Litespeed Web Server, and the LS Cache plugin can directly interface with it and provide much greater caching performance versus any other Wordpress caching plugin. While most Wordpress caching plugins will cache at the PHP level, LS Cache can perform caching at the server level - which results in tremendously improved performance over other caching plugins.

If you do not want the LS Cache plugin installed on your Wordpress website, you can flag your account to be skipped during the routine checks. To do this, create a file called .litespeed_flag in the same directory that your Wordpress website is in. Conversely, if you do want your website to be checked for LS Cache then you should ensure that file does not exist.

If your Wordpress website doesn't have LS Cache, but you want it, you can install it for free just like any other Wordpress plugin. You can find the LS Cache Wordpress plugin page here.

LS Cache works plug-and-play and requires no additional configuration after installation. That said, if you want to try and boost your website's performance even more then you can visit the plugin's administrative section via your Wordpress dashboard. There are many options that you can experiment with enabling. If you choose to enable additional caching options, please clear your browser cache and then test your website in between enabling options - as some of them could interfere with your theme or other plugins you use.

Recently, we have introduced a new cPanel tool to help provision and manage your LS Cache deployments. To access this tool, you can visit the "Litespeed Web Cache Manager" section in your cPanel.

If you have any questions about LS Cache, please do not hesitate to contact us.