Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Updates

We have updated our Master User Policy, with the changes effective April 1st, 2019. You may view a copy of this here: https://archhosting.net/ArchMasterUserPolicy.pdf To summarize the changes: We updated our Refund Policy to note that cryptocurrency payments are not eligible for full refunds We updated our Refund Policy to note that domain ...

Unredeemed free domain expiration

If your package was purchased in or before July 2018 and it came with a free domain that has not yet been redeemed, please contact us to register it now. After January 1st, 2019 we will no longer be registering free domains.

Litespeed Cache

We will periodically run scans to automatically install Litespeed Cache onto all Wordpress websites. LS Cache is a Wordpress caching plugin that will extremely improve your Wordpress website's performance, as well as reduce your Wordpress website's resource usage.If you already have a Wordpress caching plugin installed, LS Cache will not be ...

WHM 70

On May 8th, 2018 at 8:30 PM PST we will be upgrading all Web Hosting nodes to WHM 70. 

Your cPanel may be inaccessible for small portions during the upgrade. No website, email, or database outages are expected during the upgrade.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Updates

We will be releasing a revised Master User Policy, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy wherein they will contain clarifications and amendments to terms of our service. We have also added updated clauses in regards to recent data regulation legislature. You may view the most recent revision of our Master User Policy and associated documents here: ...

New Web Hosting feature: Website Builder

We're testing out the SitePad Website Builder, and it has been immediately deployed on all Web Hosting nodes. You can access SitePad via your Web Hosting cPanel.

There will be no extra charges for this feature.

To learn more about SitePad, visit: https://sitepad.com/