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Los Angeles natives. Developers. Gamers.


Downtown Los Angeles

In the heart of the city of angels lies the unmistakable Telecom Center skyscraper. With uninterruptible power supplies, computer room air conditioning units, and independent distribution routers this fully equipped datacenter has a bandwidth capacity exceeding 250 gigabits/second. The reasoning behind our decision to colocate here should be immediately obvious - with unparalleled network, equipment, and service this datacenter was a clear choice for Arch Hosting. Bandwidth providers at this datacenter include GT-T/TiNet, PCCW/BTN, China Unicom, Cogent, Telia, China Telecom, and AboveNet/Zayo among other peers.

Los Angeles, California, USA

60 Thousand Square Feet

Cogent, Telia, China Telecom


Keycard + Biometric Authentication

250 gigabits/second

Netherlands: Amsterdam

Our Netherlands datacenter, located in Amsterdam, is situated in one of the best European connected regions for both domestic and international transit connectivity, as well as peering and routes for fiber. AMS1 (Equinix AM11) is built on the basis of a Tier 4 design plan which makes it the best choice for production and mission critical activities.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

90 Thousand Square Feet

NTT, GTT, Telia, Level 3 and more


Keycard + Biometric Authentication

1000+ Gbps Network